The million dollar bag of popcorn! Why refer out your orthodontics?

As a general dentist, it is important to remain honest with your patients when it comes to the products and services that you offer. It is not wrong to strive for profits, but it is wrong to mislead patients in any way. You must make sure that they understand what services you can provide and what outcomes they can expect from your practice. You want to encourage them to visit your practice over your competitors, and you also want to be able to make a profit from the services that you offer – but this should never come at the expense of honesty. Always ensure that your patients are aware of what they can expect from your practice and do not lead them to believe anything other than the truth.

It’s true that some medical procedures and treatments require a very particular skill set to be successful, but as technology advances, even simpler treatments and procedures can soon be managed with the help of ever-improving technology. Clear aligner systems are one such treatment that has greatly benefited from technological advancements, and thanks to modern technology, now it is possible for a dentist to provide this treatment in their own office without needing to have the same level of expertise as an orthodontist. This means that dentists can now offer clear aligner systems with enough training and preparation, making them more accessible than ever before. Ultimately, technology is helping bridge the gap between skill sets, allowing dentists to provide more treatments and services to their patients.

I hope this blog post has been a helpful reminder that you don’t have to be an orthodontist to offer clear aligner systems in your practice. With the right preparation, modern technology makes providing such treatments even easier than before.

As a dentist, are you looking for ways to increase your practice’s profits while providing orthodontic treatment to your patients? With the advent of clear aligner systems, you now have the perfect opportunity to do just that! By utilizing these systems in-house, rather than outsourcing services, you can improve the quality and accuracy of orthodontic results while reaping the rewards of additional income. Clear aligner systems are orthodontist-driven treatments, meaning that the same results dentists would achieve in an orthodontic office can be achieved right on your own! So why outsource when you don’t have to? Invest in a managed clear aligner system and enjoy the positive financial rewards of increased profits.

You have the opportunity to offer orthodontic treatments in-house with clear aligner systems. By investing in Clearly’s managed system, you can improve your patient outcomes and increase your profits without having to refer out for services. With this technology at hand, dentists now have more control over their practice than ever before! So why not take advantage of it? Take the next step and start providing top-of-the-line orthodontics today by reaching out to our team here – we look forward to partnering with you on creating an amazing dental experience for both yourself and your patients!