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About Us

Clearly® is the premier clear aligner provider to dentists across the United States.  All of our aligners are created with our state of the art Technology to produce the highest quality and most comfortable clear aligner in the market!  Check with us to see if your local dentist offers our services.  


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Treatment Plan

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Start Smiling

Get your new custom fitted clear aligners, and start your journey to a straighter smile!

Mission Statement

We are a group of people (patients and doctors) that were fed up with the current aligner systems out there, and we got together to do something about it. We developed a comfortable stain-resistant aligner system that is designed to minimize the amount of unsightly and uncomfortable attachments glued to your teeth. While at the same time developing an easy to use system that makes any provider an expert in tooth movement using clear aligners.  So whether your dentist has only done one aligner case or does hundreds of aligner cases per week, you can get the same high quality predictable outcomes. We are obsessed with the customer experience and are determined to help your provider give you the best aligner experience possible.

What makes us better?

With so many other clear aligners on the market, why Clearly®?

A precise fit with Clearly's aligners ensures that your teeth move as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Your treatment is safely monitored by a local dental professional.

Discreet - So clear that people might not know you’re wearing aligners.

What To Know When You Get Your New Aligners

Customized Wear Instructions

Clearly® is here to provide you with stress free, high quality, predictable clear aligners that will help you achieve a beautiful smile as effectively as possible. You will be given wear instructions by your dentist that are customized to your teeth, and your treatment plan. Every patient’s wear instructions are different because every treatment plan is customized to your smile.

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