So, you’re not an orthodontist, who cares! Why you no longer have to be an orthodontist to produce orthodontist quality results:

When it comes to tooth movement, many dentists might be unaware that the traditional bracket-and-wire system—which has been used in orthodontics for decades—can actually be highly unpredictable. This is because, with these multi-forced systems, the desired outcome of the orthodontic treatment may not always be achieved. In this case, take a situation involving the repositioning of the middle tooth in-between two other teeth. The orthodontist would rely on the outer two teeth to move in certain ways that would cause the middle tooth to shift; however, predicting how these movements will affect the desired outcome can be difficult. As a result, orthodontists often have to focus on minimizing unwanted tooth movement as much as possible. Understanding this potential unpredictability of tooth movement can help dentists provide more effective treatments for their patients.


With the advent of clear aligner treatment systems, some of that unpredictability and adverse tooth movement was taken away. With the way clear aligner systems are created now, you won’t get much, if any, unwanted tooth movement if your patient wears the trays properly as today’s technology dramatically limits room for uncertainty. When clear aligners first came out, the knowledge base was new, so you really needed to be an orthodontist to figure out what went wrong in the tooth system. You had to be able to go from this is what I wanted to happen to this is what actually happened to so why did it happen this way? You would have had to pull from the knowledge base from previous treatment forms. 

As a dental professional, you know that having a reliable and effective orthodontic system is essential for successful treatment. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about Clearly®, a clear aligner System – that innovative solution for creating beautiful smiles with minimal tooth movement. With this system, dentists can create custom clear aligners that fit perfectly over the patient

As we’ve seen, thanks to the advancements in technology and 3D printing, it is now possible for general dentists to produce orthodontic-level results without having to be an orthodontist. This means that you can offer your patients a more comprehensive level of care with clear aligner treatment systems designed by qualified professionals. By leveraging these new technologies, you will not only provide superior patient outcomes but also save time and money while creating a competitive edge over other dental practices. So why wait? Start taking advantage of this revolutionary technology today!