“Refinement” is just another way of saying “poor treatment planning.”

As Dentists, it is important to understand the importance of proper sequencing when creating a treatment plan for our patients. While artificial intelligence used by many clear aligner companies has made great strides in recent years, it still hasn’t advanced enough to sequence tooth movements in such a way that teeth do not collide and prevent planned movements. This can lead to frustrations for our patients, causing them to have to return multiple times and extend their treatment duration by months or even years. To avoid this, proper sequencing must be done by a Licensed US orthodontist. 

When choosing a clear aligner company for our patients, it is essential to check whether they use Licensed US Orthodontists to treatment plan the cases. Doing so will help to ensure our patients’ satisfaction and prevent any unnecessary “refinements”.

By choosing to work with a clear aligner company that uses Licensed US Orthodontists to treatment plan cases, we can help ensure our patient’s satisfaction and avoid any unnecessary “refinements”. If you are ready to eliminate perfectly avoidable refinements and communicate directly with a US orthodontist, give Clearly® a try today! Reach out to our team here now and start providing your patients with an improved experience from day one.