Ouch! Scalloped versus non-scalloped aligner systems.

Red-haired Caucasian woman holding transparent mouthguards for bite correction outdoors. A girl with a beautiful snow-white smile uses silicone braces.

Are you curious about the differences between scalloped and non-scalloped clear aligner systems? If so, we’ve got all the info you need to make an informed decision.

Scalloped clear aligners have a wavy design along the perimeter of each tooth, while non-scalloped clear aligners provide a smooth line that goes upwards to cover parts of the gum. The main difference is that scalloped clear aligners provide more comfort for patients with sensitive gums or those who experience pain when wearing traditional straight-edged designs. On the other hand, non-scalloped clear aligners offer more precise control over teeth movement and may be better suited for complex orthodontic cases.

Ultimately it comes down to patient preference – some people prefer one type of system over another due to comfort or convenience factors – but both types can be effective in achieving desired results with proper use and care. We hope this information has been helpful in making your decision!

Now that you know the difference, let’s dive into them. Typically, less to non-scallop clear aligner systems are more comfortable as they cover more surface area by capturing nonparallel tooth structure. This allows vectors of force to grab on to the gums and therefore limits the need for attachments. It also allows for more predictable control over vectors of tooth movement. 

In conclusion, scalloped clear aligners are a great way to save time and money while still providing excellent treatment for your patients. With less chair time needed due to fewer attachments required and more comfortable clear aligners, everyone involved is guaranteed a better experience overall.

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