A Better Aligner Experience

Clearly® is here
to make your life easier

We offer a product that is customized to your practice by a U.S. orthodontist you can actually talk to.  Other providers use computer programs, artificial intelligence, or college students to help make their aligners forcing you to make all of the difficult decisions.

Mimimize IPR / Attachments

Reduce stress over designing treatment
plans for your patients

We can help you treat your simple and complex


In-House Orthodontist

Think of Clearly® as having an In-House Orthodontist 


No New Equipment

No New Equipment Needed


No Additional Software

No New Additional Software Required


Nothing New to Learn

Nothing New to Learn


we can help design your treatment

Simply take a digital scan of your patient’s teeth, submit the case photos, xray, scans, and treatment requests.  We can help you design the treatment plan, and upon your approval create aligners to improve your patient’s smile

Our Aligner System is very simple to integrate into your Dental Practice

Doctors That Love Using Clearly®


Tell us your pain points that you’re experiencing, and how we can help you!

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