Four benefits of using managed aligner systems

Are you looking for ways to improve your practice and patient satisfaction? Managed clear aligner systems are an excellent solution that can help. Here are four benefits of using managed clear aligner systems:


  • Increased efficiency in orthodontic procedures
  • Improved patient experience
  • Enhanced accuracy in treatment planning
  • Reduced costs associated with traditional braces.


  1. As a general dentist, managing a clear aligner system and setting realistic expectations is essential to your patient’s satisfaction. You must ensure that your treatment plan meets both the patient’s needs and expectations while also providing predictable outcomes. With Precision Align, you can be sure this will happen. Our orthodontist creates every clear aligner treatment plan with exact staging, sequencing and movements to ensure your patient’s expectations are met. This way, there is no room for disappointment! With Clearly®, you can give your patient a beautiful smile with confidence.



2. Looking to save time and money while increasing their revenue, a managed clear aligner system is the perfect solution. By outsourcing clear aligner treatments, dentists are able to reclaim their time and use it on what really matters; family, friends, and themselves. This system also reduces overhead costs, allowing dentists to focus on treating more patients and increasing their overall revenue. With a managed clear aligner system, Dentists can enjoy the benefit of hassle-free treatments with great results.

3. You know how important it is to keep your patients satisfied and maintain an efficient practice. Utilizing a managed clear aligner system can help with both of these goals! With the right system in place, you can gain back time while reducing overhead costs. Plus, you’ll have access to helpful resources such as sales assistance when working on selling cases, insight on eliminating non-tracking clear aligners and refinements, and problem solving advice for certain patient issues.

4. looking for ways to increase your practice’s profitability? If so, then consider using Clearly® – the managed clear aligner system that can help boost your bottom line. With this system, you have a fixed cost per clear aligner kit and no surprise expenses. Plus, it allows for more predictability when it comes to appointments, leading to greater savings in time and money. So if you want to make sure your practice is as profitable as possible, look into Clearly® today!

If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, Clearly® is here to help. We provide a comprehensive solution that helps streamline and improve patient care with cutting-edge technology. With our innovative software, you can reduce time spent on administrative tasks while increasing efficiency in patient care.


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